Lil Monster Moments




             Misty Batch, M.A., LMFT

"What looks like crazy on an ordinary day looks a lot like love if you catch it in the moonlight.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ~Pearl Cleage

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in San Jose, CA and founded Lil Monster Moments to offer therapeutic support and guidance to those experiencing challenging times.  As a practitioner I see children, individuals, couples, and families dealing with a broad range of issues such as personal growth struggles in adulthood, marital/relationship discord, behavioral challenges in children/adolescents, parenting/discipline issues, stress, depression, and anxiety.  I am clinically trained to work with crime victims around trauma as well as to facilitate The Work of Byron Katie. 


One of my greatest strengths as a therapist is working with parents and children around child rearing difficulties.  Raising a family can be an overwhelming process.  Parenting infants, toddlers, and teens can elicit many conflicting emotions.   These emotions can have a profound impact on our children, our own personal growth, as well as on our marital/familial satisfaction.  Our children also, even at a young age, may experience internal difficulties that can benefit from therapeutic support. 


Are your younger children having "lil monster moments" that are overwhelming you to where you feel exhausted and discouraged?  Have rewards and punishments stopped working?  Do you often "give in" instead of "follow through" on consequences you have verbalized?   There are effective discipline tools and strategies that can deliver results while at the same time positively impact your child's self-esteem.  As your child responds to a discipline structure they can also develop life skills and a sense of mastery around their own emotional regulation.  Wouldn't it feel wonderful to parent confidently, knowing you are encouraging your child's emotional development and self-esteem even while tantrums and difficult situations are occurring?  We no longer have to rely on time-outs, bribery, spanking, and taking away privileges.  These old tools don't seem as effective at promoting positive attributes in children while at the same time delivering an effective discipline structure.  

Are you concerned for your teenager?  Do you often worry or find yourself in power struggles with them?  Often times parents will notice their teenager isolate themselves from the family unit.  The child they once felt close to now feels distant and withdrawn.   Parents will also notice a rapid breakdown in communication as well as a sense of teenage entitlement.  Integrating effective communication strategies as well as incorporating an atmosphere of understanding and trust can help to regain the balance and happiness you once felt with your teenager.  From infancy through teenage years, there are many tools and techniques to make the job of parenting easier and more satisfying.

Are you experiencing your own individual or marital dissatisfaction, grief/loss, loneliness, sadness, anger, withdrawal, anxiety, or depression?   Are you aware of feeling unfulfilled or searching for happiness?  If you are facing "lil monster moments" with yourself or with someone else in your life, in my experience this is the perfect time to access therapeutic support.   Exploring what is going on for you, internally, can reveal what is disrupting your sense of peace and joy.  Taking responsibility for your own personal growth can have a positive impact on your own self value as well as the harmony you experience in life.


Working with children, individuals, couples and families in the area of parenting and discipline as well as working with clients who have experienced trauma (i.e. sexual abuse, domestic violence, child abuse) have been my truest passions as a clinician.  If you are seeking therapeutic guidance for yourself, your child, your marriage or your family, please "Contact Misty".  As a therapist, I have 15 years of experience working with many people with different life situations and backgrounds (please visit testimonials).  I hold a successful private practice in San Jose, CA.  In my personal life I apply the same techniques and tools I offer within my practice to help myself along the journey of parenthood and happiness.   My goal as a therapist is to offer tools, support and guidance so one can experience a more fulfilling and peaceful lifestyle.




                                     Please Contact Misty For: 



*Concerns Regarding Your Infant, Toddler, or Teen


*Discipline Techniques and Discipline Strategies


*Setting Limits, Temper Tantrums, Healthy Sleep Habits,

Selective Listening, Chores, Homework Struggles, Sibling Rivalry

                *Concerns Around Personal Growth or Relationships

              (Individual, Marital, or Family Therapy)


                  *Effective Communication Tools


                *Co-Parenting Strategies

              (Married, Separated, or Divorced)


               *Infertility, Grief


                 *Unresolved or Current Trauma Issues

                (Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse,

                 Home Invasion, Missing and Exploited Children)